Morning Rest

This morning when I opened the bedroom curtains, which I always close at night, I spotted two deer laying down to rest on the other side of the garden fence. Then I saw another, a few feet away. There were actually four, but I didn’t see the last one until it stood up.

Over the years, I’ve often seen packed down snow or crushed grass where the deer have rested at night but I’ve never actually see them lying down. It was a peaceful, enjoyable sight. I quietly got my camera and took a photo of the first two deer, which looked like a doe with her last year’s fawn. I love living in the country where I can observe wildlife.

I began my morning chores, trying to move quietly so I didn’t spook the deer in the backyard. I fed Hannah Joy and the inside cats, took bird seed out to the bird feeders, and then took Hannah outside through the front door. After each chore, I looked out the window to see if the deer were still there. They were–except when I took Hannah outside, she barked at a noisy car driving by and the deer moved off into the forest. So I less quietly fed the outside cats and let the chickens out of their coop.

Yesterday I was chatting on the phone with a friend when I suddenly heard a crash. I looked out into the kitchen and saw that Hannah Joy had pulled down her tin of treats from the counter. The treats had scattered over the floor and she was busy gobbling them up as fast as she could. I dashed out, pulled her into the bedroom, closed the door, then went out and picked up those she hadn’t eaten. I swear my dog is just like a little toddler getting into trouble when she knows I’m on the phone. But we love her, faults and all.

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