Spring Fever

Since I have last posted, we have experienced temperatures down into the single digits, a little bit of snow, then beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures. The snow is melting again.

The sunshine and warmer temperatures have energized me. I suspect I have Spring Fever even though it’s not actually Spring yet. It’s only February and usually we are still in the grip of winter. But, come to think of it, February is usually when seed catalogs arrive in the mail and we begin to dream of gardens. So maybe it’s not that odd after all. The Spring Fever seems worse this year because of the sunshine and warmth.

I’ve been immersed in planning. I’ve been planning to move furniture in the house and reorganize things. I’ve been planning to rearrange the coop to make it better for the chickens. And I’ve been planning additional shelves in my craft closet. Some tasks I can do soon, some I have to (impatiently) wait until the weather is MUCH nicer.

EJ also has Spring Fever. He has been offering “hero support” to help me accomplish my plans–such as making the shelves for me and helping me move heavy items. However, he is also making his own list of things he wants to accomplish. This has included him pruning the fruit trees.

Yup. We’ve got it bad.

FYI: I don’t write much about what goes on in the “outside world.” I want my blog to be filled with gentle things. However, I do keep myself informed. My heart and prayers go out to the people suffering from the trail derailment in Ohio, the people of Turkey who have experienced huge earthquakes, and people struggling elsewhere in my country and the world.

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