The Best EVER

The weather was warm over the weekend and melted most of our snow, but once again we have a couple of inches of snow covering the ground–with more expected. We have a Winter Storm watch for our area until tomorrow evening bringing wind gusts of 40 mph, 6-12 inches of snow, and a light glaze of ice. The snow is not as bad as the strong wind and ice. They will make EJ’s drive home from work a bit tricky and might cause us to lose power.

Southern Michigan, where we used to live, is expecting far worse weather: An ice storm with up to a half-inch of ice is expected with 40 mph winds. That is going to cause a lot of downed trees and power outages for them. When we told people that we were moving to northern Michigan more than seven years ago, most of them exclaimed how beautiful the area is and then they added, “But I’d hate to live there in the winter with all that snow!” Honestly, though, I think they get worse weather than we do with more severe thunderstorms and a higher risk of damaging ice storms.

Last Thursday and Friday EJ and I rearranged some of our furniture. We moved our TV stand from one wall in the living room to under the windows. We actually use the stand as a coffee table. It’s shelves/drawers just hold our printer, music CDs, and a few other supplies. The only TV we own is small and is in the library–not even unhooked up. We read books or read/watch stuff on our computers.

We also moved our china cabinet from the library to the wall in the living room where the TV stand had been. We actually use the china cabinet for books rather than china. Both the TV stand and the china cabinet are very heavy, but we put them on rugs and slid them across our laminate flooring so it’s not as much of an effort to move them as it could be. The worse part was moving the cabinet from the carpet in the library onto the rug in the living room. Once it was on the rug, it was easy to move across the floor. Still, we have no intention of ever moving either the cabinet or the stand ever again.

With the china cabinet out of the library, there was more space. I moved our office desk from under the window to the wall where the cabinet had been. I moved a rocking chair and a few houseplants next to the library window for a cozy look.

As EJ said, “This arrangement is the best EVER!” He always says that whenever we rearrange the furniture, but I think it’s true. Both the living room and the library look very nice. We were exhausted, though, and rested the rest of the weekend.

This morning I looked out our bedroom window and saw Theo in the garden stalking something. He took a stealthy step, paused, then stood another stealthy step as cats do. I watched him for a minute or two and then wondered what he was stalking since I didn’t see anything. I looked to the left and saw five deer on the hill on the other side of the garden fence. Silly Theo was stalking DEER. I’d say he was pretty optimistic. LOL.

A week or two ago, I looked out the bedroom window near sunset to see if the chickens had all gone to roost in the coop for the night. I saw a few still outside heading toward the coop. I also saw a few deer on the other side of the garden fence. One was very curious about the chickens. She went right up to the fence and was watching them.

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