We have spent the last week trying to set up EJ’s new phone. He really hates to be bothered with it. He’d prefer to just turn on his phone and start to use it. So I try to help him as much as I can. We’ve got most of the essentials set up, I think. There are just a couple more things to do.

EJ woke me up when he arrived home from work at about 4 a.m. because he saw the Northern Lights. We both love celestial events and he has standing orders to wake me if he sees something cool in the night sky. We went outside for a while to watch the northern lights flicker and pulsate. Ej said that the Northern Lights were much more vibrant as he drove home, but they were strong enough here at home that we could enjoy them. The sky was clear and it wasn’t terribly cold, so it was pleasant to be out there. I’ve only seen the Northern a few times in my life. I would have thought that moving to a house on a hill several hours north of where we used to live would enable us to see the Northern Lights more often, but we are surrounded by hills and forests that prevent us from seeing anything that is not high overhead.

Earlier in the week–Monday, I think–I walked down to the mailbox and saw a couple American Robins. Michiganders are always excited when they spy Robins at this time of year. The birds migrate south for the winter and their return is one of the first signs that Spring is approaching.

Photo from Pixabay

Today is very pleasant. It’s relatively warm and a lot of the snow has melted. However, the forecast for tomorrow is for several inches of snow. Some reports say 4-6 inches and one said 6-10. We probably won’t get much, but even if we do, it doesn’t matter. I saw the Robins so Spring can’t be too far away!

I’ve been using a phone app to learn Hebrew. Hebrew might seem like a strange language to want to learn, but I want to be able to read the Bible in Hebrew. Also, I often say that when the Son of God returns, I want to be able to greet Him in His native language.

The app I use to learn Hebrew offers a lot of different languages to learn, one of which, surprisingly, is Klingon. I decided this week to begin learning Klingon, as well as Hebrew, just for a laugh. I think it would be funny to say that I speak Klingon. LOL. Also, Klingons are an aggressive (fictional) people and so is their language. I’d like to be able to exclaim “That’s CRAZY, STUPID, HORRIBLE” when I read something crazy, stupid, or horrible that is happening in the world and have it sound fiercely expressive without swearing. So far I only know a handful of Klingon words. I’ve been going around saying “Qapla’!” (Success!) and “NugneH?” (WHAT DO YOU WANT??).

Hannah Joy was barking commands at me earlier today. I exclaimed, “Nugneh!” She wanted outside. EJ said, “She already understands some Hebrew and now you are going to confuse her with Klingon?” I’ve taught her a few commands in Hebrew. I think the only thing funnier than me speaking English, Hebrew, and Klingon is having a dog who understands it. LOL. But I won’t really teach her Klingon. Probably. But she sounds so fiercely bossy when she is giving me orders that I suspect she might already know a dog version of Klingon.

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