Lost and Found

Last week was a bit tough. Well, perhaps not really as tough as much as inconvenient and annoying. EJ got up early on Thursday morning after only a few hours of sleep to run an important errand. While he was out, he dropped his phone and he believes someone stole it. We had to order him a new phone. EJ felt bad about losing his phone (and all his photos) as well as the expense of getting a new one. He also hates trying to set up a new phone. However, I reminded him that losing his phone is a relatively small problem. I can think of far worse problems: our house being destroyed by a tornado, flood, earthquake, or the effects of a toxic train derailment, and so on.

EJ received his new phone in the mail on Friday–the day after he lost his old one. We were told by our cell phone company that after he received his new phone he could easily switch back to his old phone number, but when his new phone arrived, the person he talked to tried to tell him that he needed to take the sim card out of his old phone, which he had already told her he LOST, and then said that “We will have to send you a new sim card with your old number on it.” So why couldn’t they have put the sim card with his old phone number on the new phone BEFORE they sent it in the first place? That’s problem too much common sense. Sometimes I think people in companies don’t talk to each other so they give conflicting information. I hate dealing with companies.

Although EJ lost his phone, he also found a few things: A week or two ago he found an excellent little used garden cart that a person was selling cheaply. I’ve wanted a cart for quite some time so I don’t have to lug baskets of wet clothes across the drive to the clothesline in warmer months. Also, I’ve often wished for a cart to carry bulky packages from the Magic Box up the driveway. (The Magic Box is what I call the wooden box at the end of the driveway where delivery people put our packages.) A cart also would be handy for hauling bales of straw or bags of poultry feed to the coop in the backyard. So the garden cart was an awesome find.

I found butter paddles and molds on the internet. The paddles are made to squeeze the liquid from homemade butter. The molds will let us make butter the same size as the sticks you buy at the store, which means they will fit in our covered butter dish. We are going to make more butter today.

Our snow had mostly melted again, but Friday night through Saturday we got several more inches of snow so our landscape is white again. Late yesterday afternoon eight deer trotted into our yard. They briefly paused at the big rocks and then moved on into the forest. They must have returned during the night because this morning the snow in our yard was crisscrossed with many deer tracks. Some tracks come up to our deck and flower garden. I love living in the country.

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