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Species and Breeds

This is a more serious post than usual. Sometimes it is helpful for me to write out my deep thoughts, especially if I am wrestling with something. A few months ago, a friend hurt me deeply at a time when I did not have… Continue Reading “Species and Breeds”

Danny, the Introverted Dog

Sunday we were hoping to visit EJ’s family, but EJ has had some challenging days at work and he was so depleted that we stayed home instead so he could rest. We find that we are all very easily depleted these days. We have… Continue Reading “Danny, the Introverted Dog”

Borgs and Empaths

I knew from the forecast and Accuweather radar that it was going to rain today, so I walked to the post office, took out the trash, and weeded my herb garden early(ish) this morning. I had only weeded a bit of the herb garden… Continue Reading “Borgs and Empaths”

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