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She Understands. She Doesn’t Comprehend.

One of our favorite TV series is a science fiction show called Firefly. It ran for only one season (2002-2003) but developed a cult following. As Wikipedia describes it, “The show explores the lives of a group of people who fought on the losing side… Continue Reading “She Understands. She Doesn’t Comprehend.”

Species and Breeds

This is a more serious post than usual. Sometimes it is helpful for me to write out my deep thoughts, especially if I am wrestling with something. A few months ago, a friend hurt me deeply at a time when I did not have… Continue Reading “Species and Breeds”

Thoughts About Thinking

I am almost never bored because I think that even the most common things are interesting to me. I think stories about every day life are fascinating because they give glimpses into how people live. I also am grateful to those who write stories… Continue Reading “Thoughts About Thinking”

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